welcome to OMJ prayer request website

OMJ prayer request website is a website created under the leading of the holy spirit in order to help the people of God in place of prayer.

why do you need prayer

God want to do something miraculous in your life and their is need for you to come to Him in the place of prayer, so that you can enjoy the best He has for you in this life.

Our Prayer team

Adedapo Micheal Sunday

Teacher of the WORD

Bro Micheal is a strict teacher of the word, and also a visionary of this website.

Bro Micheal have a desire to see the will of God been done in every believer life.

Lawal Kazeem Adekunle


Prophet kunle  is a sound man of God that can stand with God for hours interceding effortlessly without wearying for people to received what they need from God.

Adeoye George

Prayer warrior

If there is someone who can pray, bro George is the right person for it, he made up his mind to intercede for people and God has been answering miraculously.

The fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much

God plans for you is for you to enjoyed everything he created and for you to do this, their is need for you to tender your case to him directly or someone doing it on your behalf.

OMJ is a website created in order to help you get answer to your prayer request.

In addition, we will be delighted to get  feedback from you as  response to what God has done in your life. We believe that our God is able to do whatsoever you ask from Him.

Drop your prayer request now and see God working things out for you.

our heart desire is to hear from you that God has grant you your prayer requests.


we are always available anytime, any day. God Bless You

We are here

we are here not because of our self, but we are here because of you. the assignment God gave to us is to assist peoples by praying for them.