The Unfailing Word

The word of God is the only word that can not fail, when God said “i will do this thing” He will surely do it because God is committed to His word.

In the book of Mark 13 vs 37, the bible said “And what I say unto you, I say unto all, Watch” from this bible verse we can see the word of God telling us that what i say unto you, i also say it unto everyone who will still believe after you. and when you look at the bible, you will realize that Christ told his disciple a lot of thing, and He also give them a wonderful promise and part of the promise is that “I will never leave you nor forsaken you”, “Ask and it shall be given”, “I will provide for you”, “I will defend you”. So, our God is a wonderful God and He care much about me and you and he want to help us in all our way, God plan for me and you is great, all what we need to enjoyed the plan for of God for our life is to give our life to Jesus Christ. Because the only thing that unlock the blessing of God in our Life is Christ Jesus, Immediately we give our life to Christ, everything will begin to work of for good for us.

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